Dear Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends


Date Posted: May 4th, 2017, 12:01 am

Author Notes

@Max2nd06: Thanks! You train in jiu jitsu too?
@Max2nd06: Oh, wow! Awesome art!
@Max2nd06: Yeah, I hand sketch on paper and ink on tracing vellum. Then I scan the inked pages and use Photoshop to color.


BJJ It's really cool to see a comic centered around Jiu Jitsu. I'm sending this to my training patterns.
@tiffpascal: Yup, my brother and I both. I've put in about almost six years now. Unforgettably bjj isn't super popular in my area. So we keep jumping from school to school. Trying a new place out this week actually lol
@tiffpascal: Thank you, you as well. I can tell you sketch your pages. Do you use photoshop for the color?
@tiffpascal: Very nice! I like the old school comic strip vibe I'm getting from your work. This could have been on news paper back in the day. So are these stories based on events that happened to you, or are the they made up?