Dear Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends

About the Comic

Dear Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends is a semi-autobiographical webcomic about a young woman and her dorky, twisted adventures with her jiu jitsu teammates. Updates every Wednesday! You can also follow us on Instagram: @jiujitsu_boyfriends

Tiffany L. Pascal

Tiffany Pascal used to spend her free time stalking a guy she met at an organic grocery store while earning her fine arts degree at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. After realizing her behavior was fucked up, she moved to North Dakota where she earned her master’s degree. She currently lives and works in Southeast New Mexico as an Assistant Professor of Digital Media and as a studio artist. When she isn’t working, she rolls with her jiu jitsu teammates and skates around the city.

Luis Aleman

Luis Aleman lives and works in Roswell as a fake police officer. He enjoys getting handcuffed to Roswell’s most notable tourist destinations in hopes of landing a modeling contract. Although he has a shady past, he currently leads a clean, straight-edged life as a court bailiff. During his free time, he hikes with his dog Bloo and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.